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Bolete is also a very rare and unique restaurant, located in downtown St. Catharines, ON.  Andrew has always been a big supporter of the local artists offering up the gallery like wall space, to a wide variety of different artistic mediums.

I'm honoured to be the first photographic base artist.

All prints are unique, not part of a larger edition, as I will not be reprinting any of the works in this show.  

To own one is to own the only one.

All images are mounted on archival fiber-based paper, mounted and ready to be framed or installed as is.

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Solitary Flowers- 24x36 ~ $699

  My partner Ashley and I had to pick up and move our life at the start of COVID, we moved to Ashley's parents house to have more space as both our parent's were returning from Florida back in March. This provided a space with 1 single window, not being able to sit still long I decide it was time to make images of things around the house. As May began I was lucky enough to have friends in the flower growing business, that grew some beautiful flowers, as well as my mom's gardens started to produce some flowers I have watched grow every year. 

 I decided to add one colour image in this show, the softness and shear beauty of this of flower , it is also the subject of the 3 other flowers in the show.

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Devil’s Hole Ravine-  30x40 ~ $1,500

  As things started to reopen, nature was something I think we all missed, many hikes down to the Niagara Gorge, gave me the space and time to make some very unique images. These two images is what actually m\helped me with the decisions to make a gallery show of the Niagara gorge, although these two images will be the only time these are used, I have a archive of the gorge of over 1,600 images.  To give the scenery some sense of scale I decided to leave the people in the one image.

 I have lived in Niagara my entire life, learned all about the gorge and Devil's Hole, I did not remember learning about the true reason for the name.

 Devils Hole Ravine is located along the American shoreline of the Niagara River Gorge just north of the Niagara Glen. It is a deep, bowl shaped basin of the Bloody Run tributary from Glacial Lake Tonawanda.

 Even after the Niagara River eroded the Niagara Gorge beyond Devils Hole, the water of Lake Tonawanda continued to drain. One of the secondary outlets, located at Devils Hole, created a small ravine perpendicular to the wall of the Niagara Gorge.

 The flow of Lake Tonawanda reduced before this infant gorge could establish itself. The name Bloody Run recalls the massacre of British soldiers by the Seneca Native Americans in 1763.

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West Winds - 40x60 ~ $2,299

  When beaches started to open up, I headed out to Jordan, Ontario, to visit Charles Daley Park which runs along the edge of Lake Ontario and framed by the busy QEW. This beach and park area has a few different areas where I've always enjoyed making images. The day was a pretty hot Day in early June. There are two creeks that drain into Lake Ontario, one through the beach and most days you can just walk to the end, this image was taken a day or so after some good rain storms, which means the beach was flooded and I actually had to wade waist deep to get to this isolated spot.

 Sitting and watching clouds has always been a favourite past time of mine since I was a child, as I'm sure it was for a lot of people. Today was for sure not a disappointment. This image can only be shown as a big as it is.

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Niagara Farmehouse - 30x72 ~ $1,900

 I'm and early riser, always have been. Since we were living in St. David's for the time being, I decide to head out for early morning drive's to make images of the farms of Niagara on the Lake. 

My mom grew up on a farm and a few days before I decided to do this, my parents went to visit her homestead in Hagersville, Ontario. To her demise her farm and family home were no longer there, replaced by soy fields and giant metal storage facilities. After talking to her and seeing how upset she was, it got me thinking just how important our family homes are to us, maybe more so to farmers?  Tending to the area and growing and producing things, not to mention just the large amount of memories you have. I remember being chased by a bull once on my grandparent's farm because I had a red shirt on.

So I decided to take to the roads early somewhere around 5 am to watch the sun wash over the farmland, most of the images I took over the couple morning I decided to drive around I took from the driver's seat of our car. This and the following image were different, just as the sun came across the Niagara River, it highlighted the side of this old storage barn. the skies and clouds were perfection.

I'm still in the process of finding out more about the history of this farm, I've admired it for a lot of years driving and riding through Niagara on the Lake.

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2 Crows - 24x72 ~ $1,800

 As I  mention most of the story above, this was taken just up the road from the last image. Not even sure what it holds, I was drawn in by the 2 blackbirds sitting on the roof, as well as the minimalist nature of the roof line, and the rolling green fields with long deep shadows.

 Once again the clouds and light came together after sitting for about 30 mins waiting for things to come together.   

These images were apart of the Niagara Farmhouse book I'm working on, but they will never be reprinted to make them one of a kind.

Capturing Raw and Honest images that tell your story

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