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Who Am I as a Photographer?

There is no easy or better way to start your first blog post than…..

Welcome! Welcome to the place where I will share stories behind the images, some 'how-to' tips and how I became the photographer I am today. Thank you for taking the time to follow along as I start to write and talk about a career I have been doing for the past 25+ years of my life.

Landscape photography for me is where it all started, back in high school and one of my favourite Geography teachers Mr. Wolfenberg, he was an avid outdoorsman, teacher and photographer. I remember the images that lined our classroom walls inspired me to get outdoors. I still have the very first image that I took on a trip to Lake Placid hanging on my wall.

I call the Niagara Region my home. I have lived here all of my life and sometimes take for granted the beauty it has to offer. Over the past 4 or 5 years I have become inspired by where my photography journey began. I want to show the beauty of this region that is so often missed. Niagara offers up such a diverse selection of different landscapes, from the urban to rural and vast amounts of woodlands, as well as being lucky enough to be sandwiched in between two great lakes! This offers up great opportunities to make some wonderful and unique images, which I will be sharing through the blog and hopefully inspiring you to get out and explore your own backyards.

The winter of 2021 so far has been one I remember my childhood winters like - snow and lots of it, along with cold temps. Since January, we have been traveling out to Lake Erie, a place that is a special spot for my father. He and his parents grew up along Lake Erie, spent most of the summer and warmer months on the shores of Lake Erie. It has been great to have the time to spend with him and listen to the stories from his childhood and create new ones while spending time on the Lake.

Thanks again for taking the time to connect here and follow my journey.

Here are some of the select images from the winter of 2021.

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